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Yemen Mocca Matari

Yemen Mocca Matari


Part of what makes Yemen coffee so cool is shared with Ethiopia ? these places are the original habitat for coffee, tons of undocumented strains and wild plants incorporate these beans (partly why they roast uneven). Be prepared for some flavors unique to Ethiopia and Yemen.


Yemen is perhaps the most historic coffee growing region in the world, second only to Ethiopia, with a lineage spanning more than 2,000 years. Coffee production continues today with many of the same traditions dating back to the 15th century, like drying coffee naturally in the cherry on the rooftops of houses perched on the edges of steep mountain ridges.



  • Tasting Notes:

    Rustic complex cup, earthy, spice notes
  • Best Brewing Method:

    Pour-over, AeroPress, French Press
  • Certified:

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