Ethiopian Sidamo Natural - Decaf

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural - Decaf

12 Ounces

A very tasty and fresh natural processed Ethiopian decaf.

The natural processing on this lot leaves a fuller bodied and more complex cup profile. A very cool lighter and sweeter toned cup. Not as fruity as some of the previous batches but complex and spicy with strong chocolate notes.

MWP = Mountain Water Processed, a cool non-solvent based Mexican decaf plant with decent U.S. interest backing it.

The coffee was sourced from smallholders farmers in Ethiopia�s Sidama region. Drying coffee in the cherry, as was the case here, is the original tradition in Ethiopia. 

  • Tasting Notes:

    Chocolaty with just a little hint of floralness and some strong tea like spice. Very cool cup profile and close to the caffeinated profile mark. 

  • Best Brewing Method:

    Drip, Pour-over, AeroPress, French Press
  • Certified: